Download the NRCGA’s membership application (PDF) to become a member today!

Member Benefits & Structure
Membership in the NRCGA is open to any individual, organization, municipality or corporation interested in the promotion of underground damage prevention and infrastructure protection. Legal entities (e.g. corporation, nonprofit organization, partnership, association, limited liability company or other entity) may have multiple individuals participating under their membership. All applicants are required to complete a membership application (PDF) and designate the industry stakeholder group they represent.

Levels of Membership & Sponsorship
Annual membership dues, established by the NRCGA membership, are assessed according to the type of membership. Levels of membership include the following:

  1. Stakeholder Member: $800 Annual Dues. The Stakeholder Member supports the NRCGA’s purpose and activities and represents the NRCGA’s established industry stakeholder groups (see “Membership Stakeholder Categories” below). The financial contribution is recognized through prominent display of the Stakeholder Member’s name on all appropriate materials produced by the NRCGA, on educational programs administered by the NRCGA and on the NRCCGA website.
  2. The Associate Member: $400 Annual Dues. The Associate Member supports the NRCGA’s purpose and activities, but is not a part of an established NRCGA industry stakeholder group. Examples include vendors of services and supplies, emergency responders, equipment manufacturing and suppliers, etc. The financial contribution is recognized through prominent display of the Associate Member’s name on the NRCGA website.

Membership Stakeholder Categories

  • Engineering/Design
  • Electric
  • Excavator
  • Gas
  • Locator
  • One Call
  • Pipeline
  • Public Works
  • State Regulator
  • Road Builder
  • Sewer
  • Telecommunications
  • Water

Membership Benefits

  • Increase your understanding of damage prevention issues.
  • Influence the work being done by NRCGA committees (Training/Education, Outreach, Best Practices, etc.).
  • Ensure your stakeholder group is well represented.
  • Network with various industry experts.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to damage prevention.
  • Gain exposure to new technologies in research & development.

Thank you to Sponsors & Members
Thank you to our current members for their consistent leadership and dedication to “shared responsibility” in damage prevention. The accomplishments of the NRCGA are made possible through the financial contributions of our member community. To view a complete list of NRCGA member companies visit the Member Companies page.