Excavator Appreciation Events

2019 Silver Shovel Award Winner
NRCGA Chair Bob Ward (left), and NUCA President Scott Allen (right), present the 2019 Silver Shovel Award to Derek Reeve from Future Infrastructure Services.

NRCGA members sponsor an annual excavator appreciation event in Northern and Southern Nevada to recognize excavators for employing safe digging practices throughout the year. The events typically feature a dinner or breakfast, short presentations from damage prevention experts, an award ceremony, and lots of raffle prizes!

The NRCGA extends an open invitation to all excavators and locators in the north and south through advertisements in trade publications, phone calls, emails, and word of mouth. To make sure your company is invited, sign up to receive NRCGA email notifications.

The Silver Shovel Award is granted to an excavator that meets the criteria listed below. The NRCGA Board of Directors selects the winning excavator through an in-person interview process. The winning excavator receives a life-size silver shovel to display and one paid trip to the Common Ground Alliance‘s annual Excavation Safety Conference & Expo.

Silver Shovel Criteria:

    • Number of dig tickets called in to 811 by the excavator during the previous 12 months.
    • No at-fault damages to underground utilities during the previous 12 months.

For more information about the excavator appreciation or other NRCGA events, please contact us.