35 Nevada Line Locators to Compete in 2nd Annual “Rodeo”

Contact: Dawn Rivard
NRCGA Secretary/Treasurer
Cell: 702.273.8523
Date: April 23, 2018

Nevada Line Locators to Compete in 2nd Annual “Rodeo”

There will be no cowboys riding bucking broncos at the Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance’s 2nd Annual Utility Locate Rodeo on Saturday, April 28. Instead, 35 utility line locators from around Nevada, wearing hard hats and safety vests, will compete to pinpoint the location of underground power, gas and communication lines around the UNLV campus to win the title of Utility Line Locator of the Year.

The Locate Rodeo is an annual competition that showcases the utility line locator profession. The work of locators can be seen daily all over Nevada in the form of brightly colored paint or flags that mark the approximate location of underground water, gas, electric, sewer, and communication lines. These markings assist homeowners and professional excavators to avoid buried utilities while digging and help keep our communities safe.

A line locator’s duties start when an excavator or homeowner calls 811 to request utility lines be marked prior to a dig. There is less than a 1% chance of causing damage to underground utilities due to excavation when a call is placed to 811 prior to digging, which protects not only the safety of homeowners and excavators who dig on their property, but also saves entire communities from disruptions in service (and the homeowner and excavator from having to make costly repairs!).

Locate Rodeo participants will compete in locating one type of facility – gas, electric or communications – at different competition sites on the UNLV campus. Division winners will be determined based on a skill test performed within a 12-minute timeframe. The locator with the best score within each division will go on to compete in the Jackpot Locate, which entails performing locates within a 3-minute timeframe. In addition to prize money, the Jackpot Locate winner will also receive NRCGA-sponsored travel to Dallas to participate in the 2018 International Utility Locate Rodeo.

DATE: April 28
TIME: 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
LOCATION: Science & Engineering Building
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154
PARKING: Cottage Grove Parking Garage (Cottage Grove & Maryland Parkway)
near Science & Engineering Building

The Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance is open to any individual, organization, municipality or corporation interested in the promotion of underground damage prevention in the state of Nevada. The NRCGA provides a forum for members and non-members to exchange information and ideas at monthly meetings, offers free excavator training on damage prevention and Nevada excavation law, and holds events throughout the year to educate homeowners and excavators about the importance of calling 811 before beginning any digging project. Members include AT&T, CenturyLink, NV Energy, Southwest Gas, Kern River Gas Transmission Company, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, ELM Locating & Utility Services, USIC, USA North 811, local municipalities, and many more.