Best Practices Committee

Committee members work to develop a consensus among NRCGA stakeholder groups regarding procedures and laws that protect underground infrastructure during excavation. Most recently, this committee worked to amend NAC 455 to include mandatory electronic positive response for all dig tickets.

  • Committee Chair: Craig Rogers, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada
  • For questions, comments or to join this committee, contact:

Committee Meetings


Dennis Bott, Southwest Gas,
Cesar Castillo, RP Weddell,
Matt Brecke, NV Energy,
Charles Folashade, Zayo,
Tyler Byrd, Byrd Underground,
Boyd Duchene, Clark County Water Reclamation District,
Doug Conroe, NPL Construction,
Alexander Murray,
Shane Ayers,
Mike Marrero,
Harold Lefler,
Larry Bialek,
Brad Poulson,
Ryan White,
Charles Born,
Sal Caponigro,
David Estes,
Charles Atkinson,
Michael Williams,
Jeremy Crawford,
Mario Fernandez,
Greg Noel,
Reina Pantoja,
Anthony Ebersole,
Marc Krichman,
Shane Thacker,
Robert Ward,
Jamie Haas,
Scott Allen,
Wayne Scott,
Rick Torrens,
Steve Priscu,
Andrea Stainback,