One-Thousand Las Vegas Baseball Fans Receive Free 811 T-Shirt

The NRCGA gave away one-thousand t-shirts at the Las Vegas 51s baseball game on Saturday, Aug. 10, in honor of National 8/11 Day. In addition to the usual mascot races and other frivolity that takes place between innings at a minor league game, 51s’ staff livened up the atmosphere by also tossing 811 t-shirts into the crowd between innings.  Each shirt toss was preceded by an 811 advertisement and the call before you dig message.  Ushers in the stands also passed out shirts to fans.  To make an already colorful crowd more colorful, many fans sported their new 811 attire during the game. Check out the images below to learn more about this t-shirt giveaway and 8/11 Day.

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