Rodeo Competitor FAQs

What is the purpose of the NRCGA Utility Line Locating Rodeo?

The purpose of the rodeo is to showcase the the utility line locating profession. The professionalism, knowledge and skill utilized daily by utility line locators are important factors in underground damage prevention and in keeping our community safe.

Who can compete in the rodeo?

Utility line locators from any part of Nevada may compete in the rodeo as long as eligibility requirements are met. Line locators who may live out-of-state but perform most of their locating activities in Nevada are also eligible.

What are the eligibility requirements?

There are two ways to be eligible to compete: damage free or wild card.

  1. Damage Free – Locator must be damage free from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 (no utility damages occurred due to your locating responsibilities) of the year prior to the rodeo. An unlimited number of locators from one company/municipality may compete under this eligibility requirement.
  2. Wild Card – If a utility damage occurred due to your locating responsibility between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, you can still compete if your company/municipality recommends you under the “wild card” eligibility requirement. A company/municipality may send 1 locator as a wild card.

How do I register?

Join the NRCGA’s email list to receive rodeo updates, including an announcement when registration is open.

What does my rodeo registration include?

  • A color-coordinated t-shirt and cap based on the division you register to compete in. For example, electric competitors will receive red t-shirts and caps, gas competitors will receive yellow t-shirts and caps, etc.
  • Breakfast and lunch.

What types of utility lines will competitors locate in the rodeo?

There are three divisions and a Jackpot Locate. The four divisions are gas, electric and communications. The winner of each division will compete in the Jackpot Locate. The NRCGA will sponsor the winner of the Jackpot Locate’s travel and registration to Missouri to compete in the International Utility Locate Rodeo.

Can competitors compete in more than one division?

No. Competitors may only compete in one division.

What prizes are involved with the NRCGA Utility Locate Rodeo?

100% of sponsorship money will be divided between rodeo winners – 60% to division winners and 40% to the overall winner. The overall winner also receives a belt buckle, the NRCGA’s Line Locator of the Year Award, and will be sponsored by the NRCGA to travel to and compete in the International Utility Locate Rodeo in Missouri. The winning locator will be announced during the award ceremony at the close of the April 27 rodeo and again at the NRCGA’s annual Damage Prevention Event in the fall.

What does the belt buckle look like?

What are the competition rules?

Click here to download rodeo rules.

Are spectators allowed to watch the rodeo?


Can my company sponsor the rodeo?

Yes. Please contact Dennis Bott at (702) 232-8010 or for details. Or click here to register as a sponsor. After you submit your registration, Dawn Rivard will email you an invoice.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about the rodeo, registration, etc.?

Please contact NRCGA Secretary/Treasurer Dawn Rivard at (702) 486-7214 or