About the NRCGA

The Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance (NRCGA) provides an effective local forum to discuss best practices in damage prevention in the state of Nevada. NRCGA objectives are:

  • To promote the use of the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices by encouraging all stakeholders to accept and fulfill their shared responsibility in damage prevention.
  • To welcome all stakeholders within our region and encourage their participation on this committee.
  • To educate both committee members and non-members regarding Common Ground Best Practices.
  • To identify issues concerning damage prevention within our region and attempt to construct practices to resolve them.
  • To exchange ideas and information with other Regional CGA Partnerships.

Our committee’s efforts in damage prevention will help eliminate damages to underground facilities, interruption to vital services, safety risks, accidents and fatalities.

NRCGA stakeholder members include: Design/Engineering; Electric; Excavator; Gas; Locators; One-Call; Pipeline; Public Works; Regulator; Road Builder; Sewer; Telecom & Water.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NRCGA, click here

Whether you are a homeowner or an excavator,
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