Member Benefits & Structure
NRCGA membership is open to any individual, organization, municipality or corporation interested in the promotion of underground damage prevention. Organizations may have multiple individuals participating under the company’s membership. Membership benefits include:

  • Networking with state regulators, USA North 811 representatives, utility representatives, and other industry experts.
  • Increasing your understanding of damage prevention issues.
  • Influencing the work being done by NRCGA committees (Training/Education, Best Practices, Locate Rodeo, etc.).
  • Ensuring your stakeholder group is well represented.
  • Gaining exposure to new technologies in research & development.

Membership Levels
The NRCGA has two membership levels.

  1. Stakeholder Member – $800 Annual Dues: Stakeholder members represent the NRCGA’s established industry stakeholder groups (water, sewer, gas, pipeline, road builder, regulator, electric, excavator, telecom, one-call, locators, public works, and design engineering). Stakeholder members have the exclusive right to vote for directors. Stakeholder members can vote on all issues required of the membership. One person will be designated as the voting member of the stakeholder member company. Only a stakeholder member in good standing shall be eligible to be a member of the Board of Directors or appointive office in the NRCGA. Only stakeholder members can serve as the chair or vice-chair of any committee.
  2. Associate Member: $400 Annual Dues: Associate members support the NRCGA’s purpose and activities, but are not a part of an established NRCGA industry stakeholder group. Examples include vendors of services and supplies, emergency responders, equipment manufacturing and suppliers, etc. Associate members may not vote for director or serve as chair, vice-chair, or as a stakeholder group committee member of any committee.  However, associate members have the right to vote on all issues required of the membership. Associate members can attend any meeting of the membership to participate in the activities or provide information as needed or requested by the members or the Board of Directors. Associate members cannot vote for any director, serve as directors or officers, or as chair or vice-chair of any committees.

Fill out the form below to become an NRCGA member and pay dues online through PayPal. You may also download the NRCGA’s Membership Form (PDF) and pay by check.