Greg Carreras wins the 4th Annual NRCGA Utility Locate Rodeo!

NRCGA Chair Dennis Bott with Greg Carreras, the 2022 NRCGA Utility Locate Rodeo and Power Division winner.
Gas Division winner Terrance Steinline.
Telecommunication Division winner Vincent Griffin.

City of North Las Vegas line locator Greg Carreras is Nevada’s 2022 Locator of the year after winning at the NRCGA’s 4th Annual Utility Locate Rodeo on Saturday, Dec. 17.

The competition to most accurately locate power, gas and telecommunication lines took place at various locations on the UNLV campus. Every competitor was required to compete in each of the three divisions. Carreras won the power division and received a check for $1240.

Carreras went on to compete in the Jackpot Locate with the winners of the power and gas divisions. Terrance Steinline, a Stake Center locator, won the gas division and Vincent Griffin, a USIC locator, won the telecommunication division. Carreras came out on top and took the title of Locator of the Year and a prize purse of $2,480, which was in addition to the $1,240 each locator received for winning a division. All prize money was provided by the sponsors shown below.

In addition to the prize money for winning divisions and the Jackpot Locate, competitors walked away with full bellies from being treated to breakfast and lunch, as well as TVs, tools and gift cards donated by the NRCGA, Southwest Gas, Stake Center, USA North 811, Sal Caponigro, and Zayo.