Southern NV Training

For an alternative to in-person training, scroll down below the class list for more information.


The NRCGA will accept successful completion of the 811Pro online course as equivalent to in-person NRCGA training from companies with employees who work nights or outside of the Vegas Valley and attending in-person training is not practical. The class can be found at

Please complete the online course and watch all four “Stories From The Field” videos.

Once the class is completed, each student will be able to download a PDF certificate with their name and company name. Please rename the certificate in the following format:

Year/Month/Day   Company Name   Student Name

Example: 2022 02 01   Southwest Gas   Chuck Yeager

When all of your employees who you plan to train have completed the course, email ALL the certificates to the education committee at one time. Please DO NOT email them one by one.

Your training will be posted on the NRCGA website when all certificates are received.

The education committee chair is Steve Wibalda. He can be contacted at:


Phone: (702) 540-7521