Two New Laws Impacting the Way Nevadans Dig

Hand Dig Defined

Governor Lombardo Signs SB 27 into Law

Governor Lombardo signed Senate Bill 27 into law on May 25, which changed the definition of excavation from the use of mechanical equipment to the use of mechanical equipment and non-mechanical equipment by a contractor, or any person other than a contractor digging more than 12 inches below the ground.

Effective July 1, contractors must have a dig ticket if they’re using mechanical equipment or hand tools. In other words, a contractor ALWAYS needs a dig ticket. A non-contractor (i.e., homeowner, boy scout planting a tree) also always needs a ticket if they’re digging with mechanical equipment, and they will also need one if they’re digging with hand tools more than 12 inches down.

 SB 27 defines non-mechanical equipment, or hand tools, as “equipment operated solely by human power, including, without limitation, a hammer or other device used to drive stakes or rods into the ground, mattock, pickaxe, shovel or spade.”

Assembly Bill 177 Passes

a.k.a. The USA North 811 Bill

AB 177 authorizes counties to share GIS data with USA North 811.

USA North’s Pelican ticketing system uses Google maps for selecting excavation areas, which isn’t always up to date with new subdivisions. With access to GIS data, USA North will be able to add a layer over Google maps with Clark County GISMO data, including new parcels.

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