Thousands attend NRCGA’s 811 Day event at Cowabunga Bay!

On August 11, 2019, the NRCGA, in partnership with Cowabunga Bay waterpark in Las Vegas, hosted an 811 Day community event packed with 2,903 guests. Twenty-seven percent of those guests pre-purchased tickets online using a special 811 promotion code and paid only $8.11 per ticket!

The guests thoroughly enjoyed all the free 811 swag donated by the NRCGA and sponsors, including Southwest Gas, ELM, USIC, NV Energy, USA North 811, and RP Weddell. Guests who provided proof of purchasing the tickets with the 811 day promo code received a free beach towel. Additional swag included sun glasses, sun screen, pop sockets, and cooling bandanas. Volunteers from each sponsor signed up to hand out swag and educate the guests about 811 and safe digging.

DJ Pharaoh was live on the mic at the event, playing popular songs and mixes that had people in the nearby wave pool dancing. He played commercial spots from Southwest Gas promoting the “call before you dig” message and gave away over $1,000 in gift cards donated by the NRCGA. In order to win a gift card, each recipient had to answer a question correctly about 811 over the microphone.

Everyone in attendance had a great time and a lot of people left educated about 811 and the call before you dig message!